North West Fan Fest 2015 – Day 3

I knew taking 14 shots of Jack was a bad mistake. With only less than 30 hours left in Vancouver, Canada I had a choice. Spend 2 hours site seeing the beautiful city… Or go to a comic/anime convention… Well you know me… This is Vancouver’s North West Fan Fest 2015.

What is up with the flashing green lights on the stop lights? I swear I almost got killed a couple times crossing these things. I made my journey to the newly built Anvil Center to attend one of the biggest conventions in Vancouver. Just last week I was at Fanime, one of the biggest convention’s in northern California, so I wondered, how our neighboring Canadians run their expos. I found parking, took out my camera, and went to the front… Yep another Deadpool.

I only had two hours to cover an event with gaming rooms, panels, artist, and vendors. So I did my quick round, pointing and shooting, and networking as much as possible. Entering the venue, the first thing I noticed was the cosplay booth for Desu Dolls, with Mimi Reaves, Kasi Altair, & Remi Lee. This group of female cosplayers, are the local cosplayers favorites. I manage to take a couple photos, but time was not on my side during the day.

In the vendor halls I met some of the people that created, and sold some unique items. Maru Cosplay, Venus & Mars Corsets, Radioactive Nerd, and Nitro Geek were a couple of venders that sold cosplay props, vintage/rare video games, and all the goodies every geek will crave. The 2nd floor was the location of the main theater, where some panels, and plays were set to happen. Unfortunately I couldn’t enter any of the theaters because of my time restriction… Man I needed more time.

The third floor was my area. Gaming! With different panels on the site the gaming room was full of every type of player, and I really wish I had the time to school the kids in League of Legends… Damn them!There was also a couple art students, doing some body painting demonstrating their skills.

With only 30 minutes left I pulled as many cosplayers as I can, and this is the result.

It’s been real Canada! But I gotta keep moving! I wish I was there all three days, but business first 🙁 It was great meeting everyone, and I hope to come back soon for another convention!

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
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