Tina Jade – 07/18/2014

In a mans world, a great women can drift, play video games, and shoot guns… Well hello Miss Tina Jade…

Shukai 2014 – San Jose Japan Town

Sunday afternoon. It’s a day to get together, share a drink, watch football, bond… Well that or spend a Sunday at San Jose Japan Town for the 2nd Annual Shukai [ … ]

Karen Sakai – 09/20/2014

I admit playing League of Legends all the time is the biggest pet peeve I do. What’s even better then that is seeing the different League Cosplays out in the gaming [ … ]

Ariya – 07/18/2014

She’s a mixed Latin girl from LA, with a New York state of mind. She got brains, and one hell of a deadly rep. Meet Ariya.

Hong Kong Part 5 – Big Buddha

Clubbing, drinking, girls, drinking, drugs, drinking, more girls,drinking, spending countless nights surrounded by bad vices, smoke, sweat, alcohol, and constant blurs. Hong Kong is a enabler for a person like me. [ … ]

Sac-Anime 2014

I hate traffic… But I love anime… The things I do for my love… Since I’am based out in the Bay Area, I had to make a grueling 2 hour drive [ … ]

Kaylee Marie– 06/06/2014

Man sometimes I wish I lived in Vegas… Party every night, alcohol readily available, open card tables whenever I need to make money, and hot chicks that are into cars, [ … ]

KristenTheMess – 06/01/2014

She’s inked, in a band, knows how to weld a assault rifle, and lives in a digital world repping the Horde….. Don’t forget those eyes that can make you peer [ … ]

Finally Done! Migrated Servers!

Hey everyone! Ok ok last post says about 48 hours…. but hey iam filipino… so blame filipino time on that one haha! But just because I havn’t posted doesn’t mean [ … ]