Shukai 2014 – San Jose Japan Town

Sunday afternoon. It’s a day to get together, share a drink, watch football, bond… Well that or spend a Sunday at San Jose Japan Town for the 2nd Annual Shukai event.

In partnership with Japantown Business Association, Raceworz, and Wheels N Meals. Shukai first began in 2013 as a awareness event for one of the remaining JapanTowns in the nation. Shukai has proven to be a successful event, creating exposure for San Jose’s Japan Town. Several teams came out with Muscle cars, Imports, and Euros to support this community event.

Several models, and venders also came out to Shukai to their love for Japantown (See a full list and event details HERE) It was a great event, and I hope Shukai will continue it’s annual coming to Japantown. Good food, cars, and a community coming together. Yea that sounds like a great Sunday.

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
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