Mimi Garcia – 04/01/2017

Mimi Garcia – 04/01/2017

It was a long day already. My entire day was spent doing coverage for Cvpture at Formula D, Long Beach, and I was done for the day. Finally back to the hotel… Wait who set up the lights… Wait we have a shoot? Oh it’s Mimi… I’am awake now…

Luce Devina – 11/26/2016

Luce Devina – 11/26/2016

Well this was my last shoot of 2016. I just came back from the Philippines, and I needed to get back on the trigger. Lucky for me Luce and I linked up to get this amazing shoot in.

Deny - 11/25/2016

Deny – 11/25/2016

It’s always a honor to take photos of new models. Deny and I has been talking for some time to set up a shoot…. Well it finally happened. Check out my set with Deny.

Sammi Kay - 09/25/2016

Sammi Kay – 09/25/2016

As most of you know, my shoots are random at times. I don’t really plan anything with anyone, and these things just happen. Let’s take Sammi Kay. She came to the Bay Area on a little vacation, and I just happen to comment on her profile. Before you know it we we’re out in the…

Whitney Chase - 08/27/2016

Whitney Chase – 08/27/2016

Remember a couple months ago I met with this annoying Canadian girl name Whitney… She’s back… this time in my city… I knew she couldn’t get enough! USA USA!! Everyone Canada is back. Whitney Chase…. Ew…. Whitney: Your GONNA DIE….

Asia Kristine - 08/14/2016

Asia Kristine – 08/14/2016

It’s been almost two years since I shot with Asia. It’s like nothing changed. We picked up where we left off basically. But her return in modeling was a bit different… In fact she brought some heat with her…

Lila Vy – 08/14/2016

Lila Vy – 08/14/2016

Sorry a day late. But this jet lag from the Philippines is destroying me. This week I got a set I shot during my LA vacation with Lila Vy. We went down for a little R&R with some friends and ended up pulling out the camera. Check this out.

Angel Kyoko - 07/30/2016

Angel Kyoko – 07/30/2016

My room was full of bottles, some illegal stuff, pizza boxes, and a room full of people who is suffering from alcoholic amnesia… We’re all alive from last nights… Stuff.. I could drink a gallon of water. Vegas just has a way to eat you up, throw you right back, all within hours… Shoot me.…

Raenie Daze - 06/22/2016

Raenie Daze – 06/22/2016

This was in talks about 3-4 years ago. Every year we would hit each other up, and try to make this shoot happen. But both our schedules are just crazy. Then one magical day… It happened. We just worked with what we had and this… Was amazing. Finally my shoot with Raenie!

KC Mills – 06/22/2016

KC Mills – 06/22/2016

From time to time I get to work with people totally last minute. This was one of those shoots. I have scheduled a long time friend of mine Raenie to finally shoot (It was like… 3-4 years of getting this to happen one day). But I was already on a huge time crunch. When I…

Summer Holst - 06/05/2016

Summer Holst – 06/05/2016

Last day of shooting in Washington. We just finish coverage of Import Face Off, and we headed toward our next shoot at a friend’s vape shop. It was already a warm day, and it just got hotter. Enter Summer Holst.

Whitney Chase - 06/05/2016

Whitney Chase – 06/05/2016

Oh Canada… Where do I begin… She somehow died 4 times in this interview, and I still manage to be friends with her somehow… I just have to remember that during a zombie apocalpyse she would be the first one to go… At least she’s hot right? “Mark I am gonna kill you!”-Whitney … Aren’t…

Gracie Kayy - 06/04/2016

Gracie Kayy – 06/04/2016

12AM… At this time I should of ate, and went to sleep after a long day of shooting right? Wrong… The knock on the door only told me one thing. It’s my last shoot of the day. The thing is she’s not even from Washington. She took the first flight out of one my favorite…