I Started Vlogging! Blogging! Or… Whatever it’s called

I finally pulled the trigger! I just posted my first vlog on Youtube! This is just the beginning as I introduce filming into my website, and in coperate it with my shoots. So check out my channel and subscribe! Thank you all for the support and I hope to keep making awesome work for you guys!

Visit my channel and subscribe!


Jacquelynn – 12/23/2017

The holiday’s are finally over! So back to shooting! Only a couple more days til the end of the year, and I manage to meet up with Jacquelynn for this [ … ]

Bijinbunn – 09/16/2017

When I was in Taipei, I manage to meet up with Bijinbunn for a shoot. I know it was suppose to be vacation, but we needed to link up for [ … ]

Nora Villalobos– 07/02/2017

The same day I shot Shannon, Nora was open to shoot. But we only had a little time frame to pull this off… Mark: Where are you from? Nora: San [ … ]

Luce Devina – 11/26/2016

Well this was my last shoot of 2016. I just came back from the Philippines, and I needed to get back on the trigger. Lucky for me Luce and I [ … ]

Vlog 006 – The Nightmare Coming Back

It was time to go back home… Or so I thought… Locations: Taipei, Vancouver, San Francisco Please make sure to visit my channel and subscribe! Thank you for all the [ … ]

Vlog 003 – Being a Tourist in Taipei Part 1

Sorry not a lot of commentary or extra clips of me walking and shooting. I had to spend some quality time and relaxation for myself during my trip so Vlogging [ … ]