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Anime Expo 2019 Cosplaying Around – Cosplay Highlights

I made the drive down to LA to attend one of my favorite conventions. Anime Expo! I always love the experience (except linecon…), hanging out with friends I only see [ … ]

Fanime 2018 Cosplaying Around – Cosplay Highlights

One of the biggest anime conventions in Northern California. That’s right FANIME! Check out my first video of this type of event coverage. To all the cosplayers there! YOU ARE [ … ]

Anime Expo 2016 – Day 3

Check out my coverage of Anime Expo Day 3 at Finally well rested… Back at Anime Expo and ready to go. First on the line up is to get [ … ]

Fanime 2016

It’s that time of year. One of the biggest anime conventions in Northern California, Fanime has made it’s way back to San Jose. I have been at this event for [ … ]

Vlog 007.5 – Tuner Evolution SoCal 2018

My trip down to LA was mainly for this. The first Tuner Evolution on the West Coast! This was an exciting event, as Tuner Evolution has mainly been on the [ … ]

Vlog 005 – Last day in Taipei & ended up wanting Mcdonalds…

Last day in Taipei. Had to get some work done, some last minute shopping and check out the nightlife… Which ended in… Please make sure to visit my channel and [ … ]

Photo Shoots
Lindsey Danielle – 01/21/2018

It was another one of those days. Gloomy outside, cold, boring… I had the itch to get more video in. After my shoot with Sheryl, I thought the day was [ … ]

Keira – 12/28/2017

Let’s push things forward. This was the last shoot of the year for me. The holidays always gets me in binds, and my schedule is just full. This shoot was [ … ]

Chelsea Mae – 10/14/2017

Finally back stateside, working on Vlogs, edits, and everything in between. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately, and I realized videos are taking the majority of my time. But [ … ]