Sheryl Marie – 01/21/2018

Sheryl and I worked together for years in the past with everything but photography. On the different projects we always figured that one day we should shoot. Well.. It’s time we did…

Mark: Where are you from?

Sheryl: I’am a Bay Area native.

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Sheryl: Filipina, Swedish, and Finish.

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Sheryl: I went to modeling school in my earl teens. I didn’t fully pursue it until after I graduated college. Today, I’m signed to an agency and work as a freelance talent in modeling and commercial film.

Mark: Nice!, aww remember college days so fun.

Sheryl: Yeah.. Right..

Mark: Favorite TV show at the moment?

Sheryl: I’m an avid “Game Of Thrones” fan! Kinda bummed it’s going to be awhile til the next season. I also just finished “Narcos” and catching up on “Ozark”.

Mark: You are the queen of one of the “Seven Kingdoms” and you are after the Iron Throne. Name three of the most trusted peoiple you would have in your court.

Sheryl: My mom, my sister cuz she knows how to use a gun and she’s an archer so watch out! and Wonder Woman… Cuz Girl POWER!

Mark: I am… Hungry honestly…

Sheryl: FOOD!

It was always great to hang out with a friend. During the shoot I even fixed her speaker system at the house haha check out the rest of the photos!

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