Imara – 01/14/2018

I really didn’t plan much shooting in Los Angeles during my trip down to Tuner Evo’s first show on the West Coast. But Imara manage to get a hold of me and we got to work. Check it!

Mark: Where are you from?

Imara: Wisconsin.

Mark: No really where are you from?

Imara: Wisconsin…..

Mark:…. wow.. first person I met from Wisconsin… First hot person I met from Wisconsin at least. What’s your ethnicity?

Imara: I’m Filipina, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern.

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Imara: It was more of the art of things. I grew up around art me whole life and realized how you could become the art in photography.

Mark: All time favorite man crush?

Imara: Aaron Johnson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Mark: Nice, so what’s your favorite TV show at the moment?

Imara: It would be the entire American Horror Story series.

Mark: Love that series. Ok… You wake up in a cursed house accompanied by three other people. Evil spirits are trying to kill you. But you must hold off til dawn to break the curse. Who would be the three people in your group?

Imara: I wouldn’t pick any one. I will try to be the hero and break it on my own.

Mark: Really? Not even like… Batman… A dude from the ghostbusters? Chuck Norris?

Imara: NOPE all by myself!

Mark: SAVVVVAAAAGGEEE haha What would be your weapon of choice?

Imara: My strength. I’l have a knife just in case.

Mark: Are you hiding something… Like Wonder Woman powers? or maybe some deadly superpower…

Imara: Maybe…

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