Keira – 12/28/2017

Let’s push things forward. This was the last shoot of the year for me. The holidays always gets me in binds, and my schedule is just full. This shoot was planned for a bit, and we had to do this on a weekday night. We we’re lucky to squeeze this last shoot of the year. This is Keira.

Mark: Where are you from?

Keira: I was bred and born in San Francisco

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Keira: Cambodian and Northern Chinese.

Mark: AKA 100% Gangsta haha just kidding.

Keira: Maybe…

Mark:… please don’t kill me.

Keira: MAYBE….

Mark: Um so what got you into modeling?

Keira: I got into modeling to pay bills and feed myself haha

Mark: Favorite movie?

Keira: “The Return”

Mark: Place yourself in a position of the top detective in “Sin City” trying to find a murderer on the loose. Who would be part of your three persons group to hunt this person down?

Keira: My housemate, who basically knows me inside out. We are practically the same reincarnation of a person in two different bodies. Then my Russian friend who is a jack of all trades and has connections where it matters and a cop, because like they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


Mark: You gotta kill one, have sex with one and marry one. Wolverine, Dr. Strange and Captain America. Go!

Keira: Marry Wolverine, kill Dr. Strange and have sex with Captain America.

Mark: If you can have one super power, only for only one year. Which power would you have?

Keira: Control time. Seems like the only thing I don’t have control over in my life. I could get all my school done and have time to live life.

Mark: I would of stopped time to rob a bank haha

Keira: That too.

Mark: If you can live in a different time in history, when and where would you live?

Keira: I would go back to the peak of the Renaissance Era in Italy. That is when there were huge advances in science, medicine, philosophy, and most importantly art. They also began to revisit classic Roman and Greek ideas, which is awesome because it’s important to not forget the classics.

Keira was amazing to work with. As far as the video I also learned something from this shoot. Try not to use a spotlight. I am learning that lighting set up is really important and should take time to make sure it is perfect. Lesson learn and I almost figured out how this whole video thing works.


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