Jacquelynn – 12/23/2017

The holiday’s are finally over! So back to shooting! Only a couple more days til the end of the year, and I manage to meet up with Jacquelynn for this amazing shoot.

Mark: Where are you from?

Jacquelynn: I’m from Fremont California, and Lived in the East Bay area for my whole life.

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Jacquelynn: I’m half white and half Filipino.

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Jacquelynn: Initially I got into modeling as a showcase for my cosplay. I put a lot of hard work into making my cosplay, and the more i showed it the more comfortable I got in front of the camera and the more I realized how much I loved modeling. It’s helped me be more comfortable with my body and with other people in general.

Mark: What’s your favorite anime at the moment?

Jacquelynn: I gotta say “Tiger and Bunny”. A great anime that I’d highly recommend.

Mark: How about movies?

Jacquelynn: “The Greatest Showman”

Mark: You live in Sten Build City and got to go against Lunatic. Name three people who would be part of your team.

Jacquelynn: First Batman because he would know Lunatics weaknesses and how to use it to his advantage.

Mark: Good choice! Cuz Batman is a badass

Jacquelynn: Haha next would be Misa from “Death Note”

Mark: Good choice! Cuz she’s hot!

Jacquelynn: Well more cuz she has those Shinigami eyes and of course the death note. Last would be Spider-Man because he’s cool haha.

Mark: Any future cosplay plans?

Jacquelynn: I’m currently working on Kayle from “League of Legends” which should be done in time for Fanime 2018.

Mark: I’l see you there! Last question… The Dark Side or Light?

Jacquelynn: Light side because I agree with more of their values than those of the Dark Side.

Mark: … Get out of my house…

I feel bad for making Jacquelynn walk a million miles for the first part of the shoot, but we manage to get some amazing work done. I can’t wait to work with her some more in the near future.

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