Maya Li – 10/14/2017

I think the first time I met Maya was years ago at Evolution in San Francisco. She first moved to the US from Australia, and we chatted for a little bit to set something up. But it never happened… Until now…

Mark: Where are you from?

Maya: I’m from Sydney, Australia. The down under 😉


Maya: Eyes up here

Mark: Right… Not really down under but.

Maya: yea yea next

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Maya: I’m 3/4 Chinese and 1/4 Russian.

Mark: What is up with me shooting Russians lately… Are you guys really trying to kill me… Please don’t be KGB…

Maya: Maybe…

Mark:…. Right eyes up there gotcha. What got you into modeling?

Maya: I got into modeling because I had too much time on hands and needed female friends.

Mark: What would be your favorite anime.

Maya: My favorite show is the anime series Slayers 💕 Childhood favorite!

Mark: You are on the quest for the Claire bible, but you have the power of restart like Subaru from Re:zero… yea your gonna most likely die a lot since u only have human abilities haha. Who would be the 3 other members of your group to help you on your journey?

Maya: You should run


Mark: I KNEW IT!

I had an amazing time shooting with Maya. As I get more into video’s I’am learning different techniques and it’s proving to be more fun every time I learn. But I have a feeling that me and Maya are gonna meet each other again for another shoot…

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