Chelsea Mae – 10/14/2017

Finally back stateside, working on Vlogs, edits, and everything in between. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately, and I realized videos are taking the majority of my time. But when Chelsea hits up the bay, you know we gotta do this right?

Mark: Where are you from?

Chelsea: I’am born in Oakland.

Mark:… What?

Chelsea: Yea

Mark: Your not hella hood are you?

Chelsea: Haha BUT I was raised in Southern California. My roots are in the Bay since that’s where my family is from and I try to make it up every couple months.

Mark: Well at least you still Hyphy. What ethnicity are you?

Chelsea: I’am 100% SAVAGE!

Mark: and there’s the Oakland….

Chelsea: Haha naw I’m Hapa and I am mixed with Filipino and Russian.

Mark: Like KGB Russian?

Chelsea: Yes

Mark:… I’ll try to not die today… What got you into modeling?

Chelsea: I got into modeling because being a GoGo dancer I always needed recent photos to take to auditions or castings. When I perform at various gigs, photographers would approach me to see if I’m interested in collaborating on projects they have set up. So we go from there.

Mark: Favorite movie go!

Chelsea: Kill Bill. Uma Fckn HANDLES in the movie.

Mark: We just became best friends.

Chelsea: YEP!

Mark: Please don’t send KGB agents to my house… You are “The Bride”. You are bent on getting revenge, but need help infiltrating the Crazy 88 trap house. Name 3 people who would be part of your kill squad.

Chelsea: I TOLD YOU I’AM SAVAGE! haha if I had to pick… 1 Sailor Moon because she got girl power. 2 &3 would be Thor and…

Mark: Me!

Chelsea:…. and Wolverine…

Mark: Dammit

Chelsea: Well I need someone to look at haha

Mark: Burn…

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