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Sherry Pham – 10/22/2015

Part of my routine is networking with models. It’s good to keep up with people and just learn about them. I bumped into Sherry at RaceWars in LA. At first [ … ]

Calithi – 07/15/2015

My friend referred one of her coworkers to set up a shoot. She never really modeled before, and I told her I could help her out. When I first met [ … ]

Bianca Barreto – Rails, & Dimes

Was it Saturday or Sunday…. Well whatever day it was… Lets just say Monday…. I woke up with a knocking headache (mixing alcohol is never good). As I did my [ … ]

Hong Kong Part 2 – Temple St. (Kowloon)

After my first 2 days of exploring (Hong Kong Part 1 – The Causeway) I quickly adjusted to Hong Kong life. Everywhere you look, there are buildings that reach the sky, [ … ]

Well lets push things forward….

I admit I abused my wordpress. But lets start anew. I am at the point of my career where people miss my mix style. In the last year I realized [ … ]