Well lets push things forward….

I admit I abused my wordpress. But lets start anew. I am at the point of my career where people miss my mix style. In the last year I realized that the club/dj music industry is all sorts of fucked up. There are Dj’s with no style, no inspiration,  simply downloading beatport top 10 tracks, and using them to absorb fame. There is no skills to those who just throw top 10 tracks. Dj’in is an art not a damn playlist. When we first began dj’in we had crates of songs that cost us 10-20 bucks a record, and switching up songs were a skill in it’s own. One of the main reasons we were hired by clubs wasn’t because of the ability to bring people. It was because of the ability to mix, and read the crowd. One major skill was to control the crowd with our music. We made parties wild back in the day. We even had to show up early to listen to each dj’s mix to make sure we don’t repeat sets, or overplay certain songs. This requirement in the past made dj’s practice other types of sets, and experiment with different genres and songs, in order to make sure our own set was still a crowd pleaser. With today’s advancements in dj software, and hardware, it seams as if the super filter and beat rolls is the source of every dj’s skills. These advancements are meant to enhance our ability, not to hide shitty mixing transitions. There are more things in this industry that annoys the hell out of me, but I don’t want to rant to much. But because of these reasons, I decided to push my way back into the industry. If dj’s can be famous from the poor shit skills I see, then I guess il take my damn seat back at the table to put some of you back into place. I don’t have scratch skills, and I don’t know how to use sound effects. But I can tell most of you this… I can do just fine without them.

-DJ Marky G

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