Big Wow ComicFest 2013 Coverage by Marky G.

My day first started at 5am. Now wakeing up at 5am is not my favorite thing to do. Spent almost a hour getting up, so that I can make it to work in Santa Cruz. My weekend started on Friday, in which I planed work from 7:30-5:30pm, do photography, and dj at Alibi from 10-2am. Saturday wake up and work 7:30-2pm, do event coverage at Big Wow Comicfest from 3pm-8pm, then do photography at Supperclub SF from 10-2am. My Sunday involved covering the full event at Big Wow Comic Fest. Well at least that was the plan. I make it to work, and begin my shift. 10 Hours later I begin my drive back home to prepare for my gig at Alibi Lounge in SF. Did my set, took some photos, and then when I thought I was ok to finish my night, someone ordered me bottle service. Told myself not to drink cuz the next day I have work, and then heading out to the Big Wow Comicfest. Well that did not work, and I just ended up getting wasted. Getting home around 3am, I instantly fell asleep. I also instantly woke up at 5am with alcohol still processing in my system. At that point I was thinking to myself… “WTF” as I drove down the 880 freeway drunk as hell in traffic, I told myself I won’t be able to do this. At this point it was to work, then go home to get shut eye to get energy for my night-shift  I fought through my day during work, with a severe hangover. Because of Murphys law, my 2pm end time extended to 5pm. I got into my car, took a Rockstar, and began to drive. As I drove I thought to myself “I never been to a comic fest…”. Well I woke up in the parking garage of the San Jose convention center (yes woke up, as I did not remember getting from work to there). I grabbed my bag, my camera and approach the yellow garage door. I made my way to the ticket booth for my press pass, and as I entered the hall of bright lights, a sense of nostalgia hit me. I saw comic books, cosplay, artist, storm troopers. Everything that I loved all in one spot. Then a girl with huge tits wearing a  leather body suit pass me. Yep…. good call……CONTINUE….

Day 1-8758-M

Day 1-8696-M

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