Arley Elizabeth – 10/03/2015

I don’t get how she does it. Whenever I see her she just makes me hungry… Talking about eating this, eating that. Her love for the Star Wars and talking how dorky I am, when in reality she’s as much a nerd as I am. But when it comes time to shoot she gets all serious and looks hot as hell… Well until she throws one of those weird faces in the mist of it… Yea talking about this NERD Arley Elizabeth…. Dammit just writing this makes me want to get a burrito now…

It’s been about a year since I shot Arley at Quickshift in Westminster and from time to time I would randomly see her working some of the events I throw. Always talking about food. Since then it’s just a constant battle of food talk. But besides that it’s always a pleasure talking to her and busting jokes on the random stuff that happens. Until next time!

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-Mark Gonzales
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