Lina Teng – 10/22/2015

As some of you noticed by now, my style of shooting is changing. Dropping my exposure, and just getting the angles. Likely I got to meet up with this Tokyo dream to play with. Meet Lina Teng.

Mark: Where are you from?

Lina: I’m from Tokyo, Japan and moved here when I was about 12 years old because my mom wanted me to learn more English before I come to the states.

Mark: What really!? I lived in Akihabara in Tokyo, then Kyoto. No wonder we get a long so well. About that life haha. So what ethnicity are you?

Lina: I’m Japanese, Chinese, Cambodian and Vietnamese.

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Lina: I got into modeling because my ex was a photographer and he was the one to get me started on this.

Mark: No wonder your easy to work with haha. So Batman or Ironman?

Lina. I would say Batman because as corny as it is, I love how Batman makes himself known “I’m Batman” *Raspy Voice* hahahaha

Mark: Good choice! Ironman sucks anyway. Say the world was taken over by Storm Troopers and you had super powers. What ability would you have, and who would be three people you would have on your squad?

Lina: Hmmm My super power would be mind control. I would love the thought of being able to control anyone haha. As far as the three people I would have to say my three best friends.

Mark: I would of picked all the girls from the game “Dead or Alive” cuz.. they are hot… and they can beat the crap out of them… and boobs… mostly boobs.

Lina: Hentai….

Mark: Shut up… Favorite food?

Lina: I like anything seafood except for shrimp.

Mark: WHAAAA…. I want shrimp now.

Lina: Eww….

Mark: What was the weirdest thing you ever ate? or would like to try?

Lina: I would eat alligator… Heard it taste like chicken…

Mark: Any place you would love to visit one day?

Lina: I would love to visit all of Asia and I do plan on going back to be with my family.

Mark: Yay! I get to crash at your spot if you move back! Living in hostels is not cool…. Biggest inspiration?

Lina: I would have to say my parents. They had me when they were very young but still manage to put a roof over my head.

Mark: Who would be more of a father to you; Darth Vader, or Mufasa?

Lina: Neither…

I had a short shoot with Lina because of some time restrictions and my day job letting me off late during this day. But once we talked about a concept we quickly got to work. Can’t wait to work with her more in the future. Make sure to check out her IG at @Lina.ixkv

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
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