Erika Enofre – 10/18/2015

It’s fun just getting out there to meet new people. You never know who you would bump into… Like a girl that happened to date a girl that you use to date… It wasn’t awkward… We just looked at each other like “SCORE!” Check out Erika Enofre!

Mark: Where are you from?

Erika: I was born in the Philippines. Moved to Los Angeles, and moved to Northern California for college. I love California and I have my career here as a pediatric nurse. I love my job and taking care of children.

Mark: How was going to school?

Erika: Well I went to 3 different high schools. I was a cheerleader and played varsity soccer, so it was pretty fun.

Mark: Cheerleader? Sooo the hottest chick there?

Erika: Hell yeah! Haha yea even though I went to 3 high schools I was always popular in life. I was the pretty new girl that people had a crush on.

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Erika: Im Filipino and Irish. I feel proud of my heritages, and also proud that 1015 Miss Universe was Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach.

Mark: What suddenly got you into modeling?

Erika: My mom was Ms. Teen Philippines, and my dad was a basketball jock so I decided to take up modeling. Isn’t every girls dream to be a model? I’m living my dreams walking the runway and being published on magazines.. Thanks yo modeling I have a new passion in life.


Mark: What inspires you the most?

Erika:  Well we are lucky to live in a 1st world country. What inspires me the most is that you can buy anything you want. You just have to work for it. I see.. I want.. I hustle.. I get…

Mark: Favorite movie?

Erika: My favorite movie is “The Little Mermaid” because Ariel is my favorite Disney princess. Disney movies taught me that every girl is a princess and I love to remind that to my little nieces and to others whom need a confidence boost.

Mark: Out of all of the Disney princesses, which can you relate to the most?

Erika: Ariel because she appreciates all the simple things, like me. She made a song about a fork haha.

Mark: If you can have any super power, which power would you want?

Erika: Being able to see others naked. Cause theres so many hotties as eye candy.

Mark: YESS!!! Best answer ever! You gotta be my wing women! haha Zombies took over the world, name 3 people you would have on your survival team.

Erika: Mother Teresa and Joel Ostean because they are my role models and lastly Megan Fox so she can be my girlfriend.

It was great working with Erika, definetely a fun girl to hang out with! Make sure to check out her Instagram at @Erika_Enofre & her FaceBook at Erika Enofre.

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-Mark Gonzales
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