Sherry Pham – 10/22/2015

Part of my routine is networking with models. It’s good to keep up with people and just learn about them. I bumped into Sherry at RaceWars in LA. At first I thought she was one of the models from the Southern California area… Because damn she looks like it. But when I found out she was from the Bay… Well…. We just got to shooting. Everyone meet Sherry Pham!

Mark: Where are you from?

Sherry: I’m from San Jose, California.

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Sherry: Vietnamese and French.

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Sherry: Well my aunt used to be a model up until she moved to Vietnam. I would see her photos and they were so beautiful. So I figured that’s what I wanted my hobby to be.

Mark: Damn you aunt must’ve been hot haha

Sherry: OMG yeah! I started modeling when a photographer approached me. I gave it a try and once I started shooting with him I really enjoyed it and I got hooked!

Mark: Yea you definitely got the looks…

Sherry: My eyes are up here…

Mark: Right… Favorite type of movies or shows?

Sherry: I really like horror films and I love watching Dexter.

Mark: Your a captured princess on the Death Star and you only had one person to send a hologram message to the person you want to come to your rescue. Who would that be?

Sherry: OMG Who’s the hot guy that plays Captain America?

Mark: Oh Mark Gonzales?

Sherry: Pshhh…

Mark: *Sulks*

Sherry: Yea Captain America cuz he’s hot… and well your just you…

Mark:*Sulks more* What would be the weirdest thing you ever ate?

Sherry: PIG NIPPLE in Vietnam!

Mark: Why did you sound so excited when you say that… You must’ve liked it.

Sherry: haha

Mark: Where would be one area you would love to travel to one day?

Sherry: I would want to roam around Europe.

Mark: Your in Paris and you need to run from the cops. Which car would you steal?

Sherry: A Lamborghini Aventador.

Mark: Good choice!

I was happy to meet Sherry and it looks like we have a good share of common friends in San Jose. But this isn’t the last time you guys get to see her. Stay tuned as we have a new project in line this year!

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
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