Category: Photo Shoots

Khloe Lee – 11/21/2014

Every time I was in LA for the past year, I always plan in advance to keep in mind to shoot with Khloe… For the past couple times it never [ … ]

Asia Kristine – 11/22/2014

It was already a busy weekend. A friends baby shower, back to back shoots, the Kuya Model Expo. It was one of those days. We checked into our new hotel, [ … ]

Arley Elizabeth – 10/18/2014

She’s a boxing ring girl, a umbrella girl, she likes video games, and knows her cars. She also knows how to geek… Did I mention she’s hot! Say hi to [ … ]

Ruby Lee – 11/21/2014

It was one of those nights around DTLA. Just hunting a spot to shoot, and play around with some other aspects of photography. But we needed a model. We hit [ … ]

Charlie Sylar – 10/18/2014

Nothing is more hotter than a chick that can ride. In this case were talking about bikes… Geez people get your head out the gutter. This is Charlie.

Penny Lay – 10/07/2014

Miss Penny Lay has been one of my friends for quite some time. So let me tell you about her. She is totally not cool, she likes Star Trek, and [ … ]

Kayy Love – 09/20/2014

She has a growing fan base, and a seductive look. It’s Sailor URANUS. Kay:”SHUT UP!” I mean Kayy Love.