Penny Lay – 10/07/2014

Miss Penny Lay has been one of my friends for quite some time. So let me tell you about her. She is totally not cool, she likes Star Trek, and …. (Penny – I am gonna cut you…) Nevermind here she is!

Mark : Where you from?

Penny : I’am from the Bay Area, specifically East Bay.

Mark : What got you into modeling?

Penny : I use modeling to also promote my dance career.

Mark : Batman or Superman?

Penny : Superman cuz he’s hot haha

Mark : Would you roll with Harry Potters friends to the club? Or the characters from Lord of the Rings?

Penny : Lord of The Rings!

Mark : Have you read any of those books or just a movie goer?

Penny : I’ve watched the movie tons of times and my boyfriend reads the books to me.

Mark : Since your a nerd yourself. Star Wars, or Star Trek….

Penny : Haha, I don’t consider myself a nerd but I admire what nerds are into. Star Trek all the way!

Mark : The Starship Enterprise is under attack and you need to save the crew. Name 3 people that would be part of your fleet of starships to help save them.

Penny : My sister, my boyfriend and my German shepherd named Mr. Spock

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-Mark Gonzales
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