Ruby Lee – 11/21/2014

It was one of those nights around DTLA. Just hunting a spot to shoot, and play around with some other aspects of photography. But we needed a model. We hit up Ruby Lee, and well… The night was just full of capping on each other. She’s one of those girls that loves Anime, Cosplay, Art, and making fun of me. Say hello to Ruby!

Mark: Where are you from?

Ruby: I’am from LA.

Mark: What ethnicity are you?

Ruby: I’m Korean American.

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Ruby: I started modeling after a photo that I had from a just for fun shoot. After that other photographers started hitting me up.

Mark: You into any anime?

Ruby: I like Modoka Magica, Pricesss Jellyfish, Attack on Titan, Inu x Boku, and a few more. I also love cartoons!

Mark: Let’s say you were in Attack On Titan. Name three people you would want in your squad.
Ruby: I would have Issac Clarke from Dead Space because he is from my favorite video game. He knows how to fight even through bouts of insanity. Deadpool because he is funny, and I love to laugh haha. His power to regenerate like Wolverine will make him hard kill. My last teammate would have to be Nibbler from Futurama. He’s just so darn cute, and he’ll be able to eat the Titans whole. Although honestly I rather not live in a world with Titans. Pretty scary stuff haha.

It was great working with Ruby! We plan to do another shoot in the near future. The outdoor low light settings are quite interesting, and running at a high ISO created a significant amount of noise. But it was a great shoot, and I plan on bringing more night shoots like this soon.

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-Mark Gonzales
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