Category: Mark Gonzales Photography

Hazel Seliy – 05/16/2015

Sometime’s when I have a major photoshoot session, I run out of time rotating models. But recently I’ve been pulling off 15 minute shoots. Hazel joined our session, and I [ … ]

Darlene May – 04/25/2015

It’s late night, 1AM… The day was long… Autocon was long… And we are still shooting at the hotel. I was just exhausted at this point. Then one of the [ … ]

Renee Bryant – 04/25/2015

After a very long day covering Autocon in Panoma, we decided to head to the hotel for more work. Renee Bryant a former model who recently came back into the [ … ]

Lila Vy – 04/09/2015

Since our last shoot at Fort Baker, we took the time to try to set up our next shoot. It went from next week, to next month, to uhh when [ … ]

Victoria Barajas – 03/14/2015

When we first met, I swear she was gonna kill me. She gave me that vibe that she’s just gonna bust out a giant sword, and go Kill Bill on [ … ]

Victoria Barajas – 03/14/2015 (Sneak Peak)

It has been a crazy couple day’s, and next week I’ll be covering the Big Wow Comic Convention in San Jose,  with the following week covering Autocon in Los Angeles. [ … ]

Roni Rose – 03/14/2015

I am a huge fan of comics, and I am a bigger fan on how some of the female characters are just… Sexy as hell. Fit, has the curves, and [ … ]

Brittany B. – 02/22/2015

Just recently, Twisted Brand hit me up to do a shoot with some of their products on Brittany B. So they sent us some shirts, I took off her pants, [ … ]

Melody May – 02/22/2015

In my line of work we are constantly looking for new talent, beauty, and ambition. I knew this shoot will be a bit of fun… Because I only had 15 [ … ]