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Heather Licious – 06/19/2015

It finally happened. After meet, after meet we were finally able to set up a time to shoot, and what better place to pull off her look. Quickshift in Westminster, [ … ]

Lila Vy – 06/29/2015

Finally got to take a crack at my new Canon 60D, and who else would get the first dibs on the shoot but Miss Lila Vy, at Quickshift in Westminster. [ … ]

Krystal Shay – 05/17/2015

California’s capital is the home of many hunnies, and bunnies… in this case I am talking about this Playboy Live chick. The one and only Kush Bunny, Krystal Shay!

Lila Vy – 04/25/2015

So this is a late post. I’ve been sick for the past couple days, plus I’ve been really busy. Totally missed my Monday post, so I am posting now! Check [ … ]

Chelly L. – 04/25/2015

When she first got to the session we just chilled for a moment just chopping it up, talking about work, school, what we want to do, and how we should [ … ]

Grace Ding – 05/17/2015

It’s sooo damn hot! Who’s idea was it to shoot at the park -_- (Gonna blame Martin). Say hello to Grace! And yes she likes Mass Effect! Rare one she [ … ]

Rose Marie – 05/16/2015

Sacramento has lots of cool spots to shoot around. Riverbanks, Old Sacramento, grasslands, but all I needed was a brick wall, and a bedroom. This is Rose Marie.

Marica Hase – 04/25/2015

Who ever thought that one day I get to shoot one of the worlds most famous Japanese porn stars… Well we didn’t shoot porn, and we just ended up getting Mexican [ … ]

Diana Love – 05/16/2015

It is rare for me to go further pass the Richmond area within the past couple years since moving back from Sacramento.There is nothing for me that I need to do. [ … ]

The Experience – Year One

About a little over 2 years ago, I was traveling around Asia for 6 months. I was by myself taking street photos in Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan. My best [ … ]