Category: Mark Gonzales Photography

Jules Kay – 09/19/2015

I’ve always wanted to shoot Jules Kay, and finally I had the chance to… But it wasn’t what I expected… Remember that song 4 minutes by Avant? Well this shoot [ … ]

Ngan La – 08-06-2015

She’s living in LA reppin the Bay. Down to earth, smart, cute, and best of all… She loves cars. This is my set with Ngan.

Grace Ding – 08/16/2015

It hasn’t been that long since I got to shoot with Grace in Sacramento, but this time around I was able to get some time to set things up. Check [ … ]

Alyshia Valdez – 08/07/2015

There are times when I drive all night just to get to Los Angeles. Exhausted, starving, eyes burning from the sunrise. It honestly feels horrible. But when the wind starts blowing [ … ]

Chantel Chante – 08/07/2015

Sometime’s you never know who your gonna meet. Another day, another face. I met Chantel Chante on a shoot we had set up at Huntington Beach. The sun dying down, [ … ]

Cody Adisynne – 07/14/2015

One of the coolest fashion bloggers I met so far. Her attitude was down to earth, and funny as hell. Coming from “The Windy City” check out my shoot with [ … ]

Calithi – 07/15/2015

My friend referred one of her coworkers to set up a shoot. She never really modeled before, and I told her I could help her out. When I first met [ … ]

Chanel Li – 06/19/2015

When we have massive shoots, there are times I just don’t have time. We all know them as my famous 15 minute shoots. Chanel Li was someone I wanted to [ … ]

Khloe Lee – 06/19/2015

Originally when we first met we were suppose to shoot at Quickshift in Westminster… But first it was the beach… then the hotel… then another hotel… Then finally she took [ … ]

Morelia – 06-19-2015

The day was finally coming to a end… Well I kept telling that to myself during our massive shoot at Quickshift in Westminster. But we we’re there for some time, [ … ]