Renee Bryant – 04/25/2015

After a very long day covering Autocon in Panoma, we decided to head to the hotel for more work. Renee Bryant a former model who recently came back into the [ … ]

Lila Vy – 04/09/2015

Since our last shoot at Fort Baker, we took the time to try to set up our next shoot. It went from next week, to next month, to uhh when [ … ]

Press Play Thursdays – 05/07/2015

This week Press Play goes to the one, and only Dj Carnage for his “Heroes & Villains Vs. Carnage Festival Trap Remix” to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Moguia [ … ]

Victoria Barajas – 03/14/2015

When we first met, I swear she was gonna kill me. She gave me that vibe that she’s just gonna bust out a giant sword, and go Kill Bill on [ … ]

AutoCon 2015 – Fairplex Ponoma

Lovely southern California weather! The hot sun, cool breeze, the beach full of life, fun, and girls in short shorts and tank tops. You gotta love California! Except…. It was [ … ]

Press Play Thursdays – 04/16/2015

As most of you have been seeing from time to time, Mashd N Kutcher has been coming up with some crazy mash ups, and some sick viral videos. Their style [ … ]

Victoria Barajas – 03/14/2015 (Sneak Peak)

It has been a crazy couple day’s, and next week I’ll be covering the Big Wow Comic Convention in San Jose,  with the following week covering Autocon in Los Angeles. [ … ]