Press Play Thursdays – 06/18/2015

With EDC starting in less than 24 hours, this week’s Press Play is dedicated to one of the strongest bass hitters that will hit the ground over the weekend! This [ … ]

Hazel Seliy – 05/16/2015

Sometime’s when I have a major photoshoot session, I run out of time rotating models. But recently I’ve been pulling off 15 minute shoots. Hazel joined our session, and I [ … ]

Blox Evolution 2015 – Pier 70 San Francisco

One of the most unique car shows in Northern California. It is a convention hosted at an abandon factory at Pier 70, containing over 100 modified, exotic machines, vape booths, [ … ]

Darlene May – 04/25/2015

It’s late night, 1AM… The day was long… Autocon was long… And we are still shooting at the hotel. I was just exhausted at this point. Then one of the [ … ]

North West Fan Fest 2015 – Day 3

I knew taking 14 shots of Jack was a bad mistake. With only less than 30 hours left in Vancouver, Canada I had a choice. Spend 2 hours site seeing [ … ]

Fanime 2015

Last year, I had no clue what to expect from one of Northern California’s biggest Anime Convention. But this year I came prepared. The streets filled with streams of Kill [ … ]

Fanime 2015 – Day 2 Photos

Well it’s day 2 of Fanime, and day one for me! It was great meeting everyone, and I tried my best to meet up with everyone! If I couldn’t get [ … ]

BRB…. Fanime… Nuff Said…

Hey everyone! Just want to give you the heads up that I will be shooting at Fanime! So make sure to catch me! If you want some photos feel free [ … ]