Press Play Thursdays – 02/26/2015

Another banger for this week’s Press Play Thursday! Check out DotCom’s remix to Cashin’ out! Major slaps when this hits the dance floor. Slap’s so hard makes you wanna slap [ … ]

Lila Vy – 11/09/2014

There is something about tattoos on chicks. They have a certain look that makes you wonder who they are, what each piece of ink means, and … well it’s just [ … ]

#SupremeSF Photos

Photos are up for #Supreme at Cosmo! Thank you again for all the support! Stay tuned for my next event next Saturday at Hexx Lounge in San Francisco! Click Here [ … ]

#SupremeSF – 02/20/2015

Catch me in the mix tomorrow at Cosmo Lounge in San Francisco! Hosted by the one, and only Kayla Ayala! For bottle service inquire, text 646-494-3564 or shoot me an email [ … ]

Photos for Ozone Are Up!

Photos are up from my last event! Check it out at Stay tuned for my next event! Check back to get all the details!

#SupremeSF – 01/31/2015

I got another crazy party coming up this weekend at Cosmo to celebrate Lila Vy’s bday! Check it out! For bottle service inquire, text 646-494-3564 or shoot us an email [ … ]

Khloe Lee – 11/21/2014

Every time I was in LA for the past year, I always plan in advance to keep in mind to shoot with Khloe… For the past couple times it never [ … ]