Do Gaming Glasses Work? $20 VS $100 User Review

For the longest time I always wondered. Do gaming glasses work? I really never saw the logic in them, but after Vloging, the amount of time I spent on looking at monitors have increase dramatically. I started to get headaches, my eyes started to twitch, get red, and I got tired real quick. So I decided to pick up a pair of $20 gaming glasses from Amazon. This is what I think.

After a week with the cheap gaming glasses, I can see a huge effect. My eyes weren’t strained, and the headaches went away. Since I started with the Cyxus Blue gaming glasses, I went ahead and picked up the $100 Haus Gunnar Glasses. The color was less yellow than the Cyxus and I gave it a week for my eyes. In the end I did not see a huge difference between the two as far as how the effected my eyes.

The biggest difference between the two is the build and craftsmanship. The Cyxus glasses felt cheap, the framed bends, and I feel like over time they would eventually be out of form. The Gunnars however feel really solid, the glass used feels amazing, and the total form factor was great.

Now everyones eyes are different and this was just a opinionated review based on my experience. I would highly recommend buying the cheap glasses first if you feel the same way as I felt and wondered if they work. If it works for you then it would be safe to say. Go for the upgrade.

Here are the links to the glasses I use:


Cyxus Blue Light Blocking [Lightweight TR90] Glasses for Anti Eye Strain Headache Computer Use Eyewear, Men/Women (black)


Haus Computer gaming glasses – block blue light, Anti-glare and minimize digital eye strain – Perform better, target objects on screen easier, prevent headaches, sleep better, reduce eye fatigue


Product Images



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