Mimi Garcia – 04/01/2017

It was a long day already. My entire day was spent doing coverage for Cvpture at Formula D, Long Beach, and I was done for the day. Finally back to the hotel… Wait who set up the lights… Wait we have a shoot? Oh it’s Mimi… I’am awake now…

Mark: So where are you from?

Mimi: Current’y I am in Sun Valley, California, but I was born in Las Vegas. Stayed in Highland Park, that was my hood haha I loved it there but I’ve been a valley girl my whole life.

Mark: What got you into modeling?

Mimi: I started modeling through a car club named “Scion Image”. My mom was in the club and the president asked me to try and model at this toy drive we all attended. Ever since then I’ve been at it.

Mark: What is your favorite TV series at the moment?

Mimi: Right now I’m obsessed with prison break. I really didn’t think it would turn out to be so interesting.

Mark: Spoiler they escape and end up in another prison….

Mimi: Shut it!

Mark: How about movies?

Mimi: I gotta say “Fate of The Furious”. I ended up watching the movie twice haha

Mark: You need to kill one, sleep with one, and marry one. Brian O’Conner, Dominic Toretto (Fast and Furious Series) and Michael Scofield (Prison Break). GO!

Mimi: Oh HAHAHA ok.. I’d marry Brian obviously haha, I’d sleep with Michael and I’d kill Toretto even though my name is Letty and I should be with Dom I’d rather have myself a Brian hahaha

Mark: What are your favorite hobbies?

Mimi: I like to dance. I’ve always wanted to be a choreographer. On my free time I’ll make routines to some songs I like.. I really like going hiking with my husky too. I try to go every Saturday. Washing my car is also a hobby for me detailing it and cleaning the inside making it smell nice gives me a good feeling haha.

Mark: Wish I lived here so you can detail my car.

Mimi: I said MY CAR.

Mark: Damn….Where would be the first place you would go if money wasn’t a issue?

Mimi: I would go to Europe. There are a lot of the places I wanna visit around there.

Mark: Put yourself in the “Guardians of the Universe” Marvel Universe… Hmm that sounds weird… Your mission is to hunt for “Infinity Stones”. Name three people to be part of your galactic squad?

Mimi: This is kind of a hard one haha. I’m not good at being limited to choosing just a couple haha.. I’m not to sure I’ve seen that movie either so not sure how to answer that question haha.. but let’s say Batman cause he has a Batmobile and it’s fast so we can get somewhere fast haha.

Mark: Well the Bat mobile will useless sine it’s space traveling haha, but he is rich AF, and he did build a space station for the Justice League. So you got a good pick there. Who else?

Mimi: Haha I didn’t watch it but Batman is always a good choice haha. I’ll say Hulk to cause he’s big and strong so can hurt anyone and smash them haha, and just to add a girl let’s add Harley Quinn cause she’s a bad ass chick.

Although I was exhausted it was fun working with Mimi. We definitely got things going, and can’t wait til I have time to do another shoot. Now where’s my Jack Daniels…

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