Lila Vy – 09/10/2017

I honestly didn’t know what I was doing at first. I told Lila ahead of time that I was starting video, and she never done one before, so we got together and started recording during our shoot. I manage to get a good 45 min of footage. But later during post, I learned what grave mistakes I have taken and how the process should of been…

It was a mess.. Where do I even begin with my post process… Il break it down according to bullets… The black bullets explain the mistake. The following indentation is my comments and solutions. Best way to follow the process haha.

  • We did two different outfits, and there was no time line, nothing was planned…
    • This one is obvious… Have some sort of plan, some story line! Even if it means something as simple as, walking, opening the door, lay down…. Yea I know.. I’am a idiot…
  • Lighting – If you notice in the first couple clips the lighting was way off from the remaining of the video. In my thought I was thinking I can get away with it, and just edit it. Well you can. But I got frustrated with the lack of performance on my Macbook. It loaded so slow, and for me to preview a clip I would constantly render the file to make sure it looks right. If it didn’t I would make my edits and then render again. I spent most of my time making this video on rendering files in Adobe Premier…
    • Try to keep lighting constant is most likely the key. Even making color adjustments on camera would save A LOT OF TIME in editing. I was shooting in Aperture priority, and my white balance was way off between clips. I can see now why people use a color card for correction. It makes life that much easier. Don’t be like me. Set your settings right, then make minor tunes in post.. I just made all tunes in post… I wasted my life….
  • I did not get enough content….
    • Well 45 min was enough… 45 min of the wrong footage and two different concepts… Was not a good idea. Make sure the content your shooting sticks to plan… (See first bullet)
  • Color grading is like hitting your hand with a hammer, just to pull back and hit your hand again… and again… and.. again…
    • I have the first video I was going to release.. But let me tell you… Just because you want something done, doesn’t mean you should just get it done and leave it as is. I watched the video multiple times and hated it. I tried to correct it but still hated it. My mentality was somewhere on the line of “It’s my first video, it’s gonna suck really bad anyway…”  It was finally the last time I looked at it and said… I need to fix it. So i spent another day just color grading, and editing. The end result was more pleasing than my first draft. Remember, treat your first like your last and your last like your first. This was a perfect example…
  • Camera shake… was real
    • Like many, my hands shake when I shoot. Recording this video I noticed it and if you watch the non slowed footage you can definitely see it. Might be getting a gimbal soon…
  • Slow mo… Shoot at high fps….
    • When I first slowed down my footage (I was shooting at 24fps) it glitched out soo hard.. I was like… damn I totally botched it…. I can’t make a video. I was panicking.. I was like damn… I wasted all that footage… Luckily… Theres something in premier called Optical flow… Il make a video on that as a how to in the future.

With all that said I was pleased with my first model video. But this one video has taught me so much. Trust me your gonna see a difference between this and my next set….

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-Mark Gonzales
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