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One of those days…. – 10/26/2015

I really didn’t want to edit this week. Just wanted a weekend before this crazy week hits me. Turning 28 on November 1st… Man time flies… But don’t worry I [ … ]

The Experience – Year One

About a little over 2 years ago, I was traveling around Asia for 6 months. I was by myself taking street photos in Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan. My best [ … ]

BRB…. Fanime… Nuff Said…

Hey everyone! Just want to give you the heads up that I will be shooting at Fanime! So make sure to catch me! If you want some photos feel free [ … ]

Photos for Ozone Are Up!

Photos are up from my last event! Check it out at Stay tuned for my next event! Check back to get all the details!

Finally Done! Migrated Servers!

Hey everyone! Ok ok last post says about 48 hours…. but hey iam filipino… so blame filipino time on that one haha! But just because I havn’t posted doesn’t mean [ … ]

48 Hours of…. Website stuff….

Wondering why this week I havn’t posted some models, or a traveling story? Well simple… I’l be doing some internal work on the site, so….. Yea! BRB! Il keep you [ … ]

Street Shooting around the SFC

Gotta love the city, some days its the same 5hi7 different day, but it’s always on the move. Decided to run around with the camera snapping, and grabbing some lunch. [ … ]