Sammi Kay – 09/12/2017

This was unexpected. From SF to Vancouver, this was my transfer point to Taipei. But as I got out my gate, a flight rep told me my flight was grounded due to a storm. So they gave me a hotel. First person to come in mind when I got stuck in my room with all my gear. Sammi!

It’s been about a year since I met and shot with Sammi Kay in the Bay Area. We hit it off pretty well during the shoot and I loved working with her during our first time. So we met up, chilled and before you know it… We had a shoot haha

This unexpected trip, and meet up was fun. I am so glad to know that other individuals with like mindsets are out there. Sammi is truly one of a kind person, and would could consider her one of my closest friends that I get a long with (That is a statement that I rarely say) haha but enough chit chat, check out the photos!

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