I Started Vlogging! Blogging! Or… Whatever it’s called

I finally pulled the trigger! I just posted my first vlog on Youtube! This is just the beginning as I introduce filming into my website, and in coperate it with my shoots. So check out my channel and subscribe! Thank you all for the support and I hope to keep making awesome work for you guys!

Visit my channel and subscribe!


Chelsea Mae – 10/14/2017

Finally back stateside, working on Vlogs, edits, and everything in between. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately, and I realized videos are taking the majority of my time. But [ … ]

Lila Vy – 09/10/2017

I honestly didn’t know what I was doing at first. I told Lila ahead of time that I was starting video, and she never done one before, so we got [ … ]

Mimi Garcia – 04/01/2017

It was a long day already. My entire day was spent doing coverage for Cvpture at Formula D, Long Beach, and I was done for the day. Finally back to [ … ]

Sammi Kay – 09/25/2016

As most of you know, my shoots are random at times. I don’t really plan anything with anyone, and these things just happen. Let’s take Sammi Kay. She came to [ … ]

Vlog 004 – Just get a tour guide (Taipei, Taiwan)

Taipei is a fun city to sight see, but there are other things lurking on it’s outskirts. Using public transportation to these locations can be costly and time consuming. In [ … ]

Vlog 001 – When you land somewhere foreign and you think… “How the hell…”

I hope I’am not the only one. But do you ever land somewhere completely foreign, where you do not understand a single word of their language and think…. How the [ … ]