Where is Mark?

As most of you noticed I have not been posting much. It’s not because I stoped shooting. It’s actually because I found a record button on my camera! As much fun as photography was, I am going into something that I always wanted to do as a kid… Which is make some awesome footage!

I want to thank everyone for the support over the years and I appreciate everything. Stay up with my IG @MarkyG.me and stay tuned!


Nora Villalobos– 07/02/2017

The same day I shot Shannon, Nora was open to shoot. But we only had a little time frame to pull this off… Mark: Where are you from? Nora: San [ … ]

Luce Devina – 11/26/2016

Well this was my last shoot of 2016. I just came back from the Philippines, and I needed to get back on the trigger. Lucky for me Luce and I [ … ]

Whitney Chase – 08/27/2016

Remember a couple months ago I met with this annoying Canadian girl name Whitney… She’s back… this time in my city… I knew she couldn’t get enough! USA USA!! Everyone [ … ]

Angel Kyoko – 07/30/2016

My room was full of bottles, some illegal stuff, pizza boxes, and a room full of people who is suffering from alcoholic amnesia… We’re all alive from last nights… Stuff.. [ … ]