Shay Bella - 06/04/2016

Shay Bella – 06/04/2016

It’s been a hectic day so far. Back to back shoots, and the night was already here. I have yet to explore Washington to do my street shooting, but at this rate we might run a hour in downtown Seattle. But really who needs to go around when Seattle’s very own Shay Bella is right there.…

Christina Arana - 06/04/2016

Christina Arana – 06/04/2016

I was running a bit behind, but there was one model that I was hoping to shoot during my trip. I hit her up, and she was able to make it the same day. Say hello to one new up and coming models from Washington, Christina Arana.

Mari King – 06/04/2016

Mari King – 06/04/2016

It’s hard to find models that have a natural pose. It takes time to practice, and find their look. My original plan was to shoot Shay Bella, but because of some time conflict, I had to wait a bit. Instead Shay brought a friend by the name Mari King. I had some time to kill…

Monique Greene – 06/04/2016

Monique Greene – 06/04/2016

Finally had some time to recover from the hectic day one I had in Seattle. Kinda wanted to sleep in a bit more, but we had to get our day going. Monique was one of the first models we had from the day. She was really out going, and great to work with. She even…

Blox Evolution 2016 – Pier 70 San Francisco

It is a challenge every event strives for. How do you make your show better than your last? There is a quote “Treat my first like my last, and my last like my first”. Blox Evolution has just done that and even set the bar higher. Continue reading →  

Ivy Chen - 06/03/2016

Ivy – 06/03/2016

The day was finally coming to a end. Day one with all these shoots done. Ever get that sudden burst of energy when you are exhausted? Well it came through the moment Ivy walked in. Check out Ivy…

Merari Lara - 06/03/2016

Merari Lara – 06/03/2016

Yea I thuoght my day was over. But it wasn’t… My bed was just right there, but the day kept going. This Seattle trip was only on day 1 still, and I was exhausted. Luckily Merari gave me a break… Kinda.. Well I couldn’t.. Seeing Merari I just wanted to shoot more. Check her out.

Stephanie Lazaro – 06/03/2016

Stephanie Lazaro – 06/03/2016

We finally get back to the hotel, only to find out… I only have 15 min to shoot one of the models I’ve been wanting to work with since I began. But sometimes you gotta work with what you have. But seriously at this time I was exhausted… I just needed sleep. But it’s hard…

Ashlee Sem – 06/03/2016

Ashlee Sem – 06/03/2016

After finishing my shoot with Neena, we had to rush out to the local park to meet up with Ashlee Sem to do a quick shoot before returning back to the hotel for our next photoshoot… I really just wanted to sleep at this point. I got to Angle Lake park, and the sun was starting…

Anime Expo 2016 – Day 3

Check out my coverage of Anime Expo Day 3 at Finally well rested… Back at Anime Expo and ready to go. First on the line up is to get into the Artist Alley, and knock it out as fast as possible… I made my way through the West Hall into the South where the…

Anime Expo 2016 – Day 2

Make sure to check out my coverage and gallery of Anime Expo Day 2 at! I have no clue why I do this to myself. Pack at 12AM, stay up getting all the gear ready til 3AM, stay awake for no reason til 4AM and then start the drive to Los Angeles by 5AM……

Neena Rey – 06/03/2016

Neena Rey – 06/03/2016

(The story continues…) we landed early in Seattle just so we can go downtown and do a bit of street shooting… With all our luggage… It wasn’t a really good idea, so the lovely Zoey Lee picked us up and brought us to our hotel in Federal Way. Finally time to relax. Until the front…

Sallyna Bunny - 06/03/2016

Sallyna Bunny – 06/03/2016

I swear I gotta fire whoever plans my trips… Waking up at 4am to catch a 8am flight to Seattle was not a good idea. Running on 2 hours of sleep, and getting to a place that I have never been to was not a good idea. Well at least I can check into the…