Sammi Kay – 09/25/2016

As most of you know, my shoots are random at times. I don’t really plan anything with anyone, and these things just happen. Let’s take Sammi Kay. She came to the Bay Area on a little vacation, and I just happen to comment on her profile. Before you know it we we’re out in the abandon bunkers shooting… She came all the way from Vancouver for this…

Mark: Where are you from?

Sammi: I am currently living in Vancouver, BC, but spent most of my youth on Vancouver Island. I was born and raised in Canada and have lived in a few different places all over the country.

Mark: … Your really that Canadian…

Sammi: You got a problem with that….

Mark: … Yes… and… Yes…

Sammi: You have Trump as a president

Mark: Umm… Soo… What ethnicity are you?

Sammi: Uh huh… Second generation; y parents immigrated from Cambodia. I’am Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

Mark: So… your pretty deadly.

Sammi: Try?

Mark: Hmm… What got you into modeling?

Sammi: I have always admired women who felt confident enough to model, and comfortable in their own skin. But I had always been too shy or introverted to actually do it.

Mark: 10 pts for being introverted.

Sammi: haha Yep. But last summer I went to see my uncle who had gotten diagnosed with cancer. He passed away at the age of 39 and left behind two little girls. This was really hard for me to see, but it was a huge awakening and made me realize how short life can be. So I decided to pursue my dreams and do what makes me happy. Hopefully this will inspire those little girls to pursue their own one day.

Mark: That is one great leap into something that most people won’t do. That is truly a great thing to hear. Hope everything will pan out for the best… That way when your super famous… You know we we’re best friends.

Sammi: So you like Canada?

Mark: Favorite TV show or movie!?

Sammi: I don’t have a particular favorite, but the last movie i watched that I really enjoyed watching was Finding Dory. I’m a huge Netflix fan; you can find me bundling up with a cute movie rather than out hitting the club haha.

Mark: You and two others fall down into the world of McGees Alice In Wonderland. Name the two people who would be with you to survive?

Sammi: I would choose Batman and Ironman. Batman because he can relate about the dead parents thing, giving him more incentive to want to help me, and Ironman because he’s my favorite superhero. It’s funny because I created a graphic image in my Digital Arts class back in the University with a dark Alice in Wonderland theme.

Mark: Star Trek or Star Wars.

Sammi: Star Wars.

Mark: Hell Yes! Say you lived in the Star Wars universe. Would you be part of the Dark side or Light Side?

Sammi: I would probably be part of the Dark Side. I’m not one to follow the status quo.

Mark: Would you ever wear a Leia slave fit?

Sammi: I would wear the slave Leia costume… Somebody buy it for me! (Mark: She said it! Someone email me and i’l set this up on my next trip to Vancouver haha)

Mark: Ok looks like Canada has one cool girl… Darth Vader Vs. Deadpool, who would win?

Sammi: Deadpool, because he can’t die haha

Mark: Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Sammi: Red pill. I want to see what’s on the other side.

It was real cool and hanging out with Sammi in the city. We manage to do some tourist stuff when she was in town. Check out her social media:


Snapchat: @Samanda.Keo

or e-mail her if you want to work with her

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-Mark Gonzales
(Dj Marky G)
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  1. G.W. Igs

    Thanks for your interview(s) with Ms. Kay and the lovely photos. Yes she is so photogenic and her gorgeous smile and darling dimples are adorable. Have you heard from her this year (as noticed your pieces were from ’16 & ’17)?
    She just started a fabulous website of her own called: and yeah as you know, she rocks!

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