Gel – 06/06/2014

Vegas… A land full of sin. Clubs, hot weather, gambling, drugs, money, alcohol, and Gel…. Yea she’s there. She’s definitely a sin.

Me: So where are you from?

Gel: San Francisco! but at 10 I moved to the city of sin, Las Vegas. It’s been 12 years now, and I couldn’t live anywhere eles. I love Vegas.

Me: What ethnicity are you?

Gel: I am full Filipino, but everyone thinks i’m hispanic for some reason haha

Me: Into any TV series?

Gel: I’m a big fan of “How I met your Mother”. I never knew how great it was until I watched it. I finished the whole serious in about two weeks. Now I’m stuck on “Vampire Diaries”, and “The Originals” on CW.

Me: *High Five* “How I met your Mother” is soooo Legen… wait for it… Darrrryyyy!

Gel: SMH

Me: Ok, so let’s say you get the chance to meet the cast. You gotta kill one, marry one, have sex with one, rob a bank with one, and survive a zombie apocalypse with one. GO!

Gel: Hmmm.. OK OK!, I would marry Ted… Sweet guy, and super goofy. I’d kill Barney cuz he would annoy me. Have sex with Lily pad, rob a bank with robin, and have a zombie apocalypse with Marshmallow!

Me: But Barney is…. Legennn… wait for it.. darrrrry! and yea I would so bang Lily.

Gel: hahaha I know he is but I can’t hear him repeatedly saying that!

Me: Any favorite super heroes?

Gel: I don’t really have a super hero, but I do like to watch SpiderMan, and Batman.

Me: If you were a super hero, what power would you have?

Gel: I would have the ability to fly, that way I can fly anywhere I want, cuz I love to travel!

Me: Not scared of heights?

Gel: I am terrified of heights but i’ll ride roller coasters!

Me: heh ride… Bowchickawowow

Gel: …..

Me: Tattoos! you got some great ones on you now. Any plans on getting anymore?

Gel: I love tattoos! I do plan on getting more, maybe a tiger cub haha cause my daughter is the year of the tiger!

Me: I was expecting you to get something like Ted’s butterfly haha

Gel: uhh no!

Me: What would be your dream car?

Gel: Nissan Skyline R34.

Me: Wow… ummm Marry me?

Gel: ummm…No….

Me: Dammit. If a zombie apocalypse hits where would you head to? Or would you think you would be the first to die?

Gel: Il probloby be the one to die first hahaha

It was great working with Gel! Although we had only a short time to shoot, we got some amazing shots. Show her some love on her ig @RiegelMelanie_ and Twitter @Riegelmelanie

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-Mark Gonzales
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